• Vehicles currently registered in the USVI can be shipped between STT and STX with no additional paperwork.  Simply bring us a photocopy of the registration when you drop off the vehicle.
  • If you are purchasing a car from someone on a different island, you do not need to transfer either the title or registration before shipping. 
  • Household goods and personal items can be loaded inside the car for no additional charge.  Please prepare a brief inventory of these items and bring it to us when you drop off.  Surfboards and sporting equipment can be loaded on the roof rack, provided they do not overhang the vehicle significantly.  Note of course that we must be able to safely drive the vehicle on and off the vessel with your items inside!
  • It is fine for a friend or family member to either drop off or pick up your vehicle for you.  Just tell us exactly who the individual(s) will be when we prepare the Bill of Lading at drop off.
  • PLEASE NOTE that all vehicles are subject to random CBP inspections (inside and out) at any time.


For a printable version of these instructions, click here.

  • Call or email the main office in Puerto Rico to make a booking for your vehicle and any other cargo you might have.  The weekly cutoff for bookings is NOON on TUESDAY.  Call Desireé at (787) 723-4114 or email desiree@normahfreight.com  to make the booking and reserve your space.
  • Obtain a letter from your bank advising of any liens on the car.  If the car was paid for in cash, obtain a copy of the receipt. 
  • Take the letter / receipt to the Lieutenant Governor’s office.  (If you don’t have the letter, they will get it themselves, extending the process).
  • The LG’s Office will give you a letter to take to the Inspection Lane.  At the Inspection Lane you will get a VIN check and be given another paper called a “Vehicle Clearance Form.”  The Clearance Form is valid for 60 days and can be used multiple times during this period.  When they fill out and stamp it, make certain they fill in the VIN # correctly.  This is done at a separate window.
  • Bring the keys and all your paperwork (including your registration or a photocopy of it) to the Norma H booth.
  • Once the vehicle arrives in San Juan and has been inspected by CBP, our office will notify you to begin the clearance process.


For a printable version of these instructions, click here.

  • The following documents are necessary in order to ship a vehicle out of Puerto Rico.  You can either obtain them yourself, or call us and we can put you in touch with an agent who will get them for you (for a fee).
  • Call the main office prior to beginning this process, to ensure we have space for your vehicle on the desired voyage.
  1. Copy of vehicle registration.  
  2. Copy of vehicle title. If still financed, obtain a notarized letter from your financial institution authorizing export. 
  3. Certificate from the Department of Motor Vehicles (Obras Publicas) that vehicle has no outstanding tickets. The closest office in the metro area is in Carolina, off route 3 next to the Lilly Pharmaceutical complex. Expires in 5 calendar days from date of issue.  
  4. Receipt for vehicle exportation ($10.00) from the Excise Tax Collection Agency (Colecturia, located at the Obras Publicas in Carolina).  Expires in 5 calendar days from the date of issue. 
  5. Certificate of Inspection.  Proceed to the Police Department Stolen Vehicle Division and present the receipt for exportation and certificate from Department of Motor Vehicles.  (Note that a notarized letter will be required if the actual owner of vehicle is not present for inspection.) 

    Police Department Stolen Vehicle Division
    Cerra Street # 900 15th Parada Fernandez Juncos Avenue
    Santurce, Puerto Rico
    (In front of Bahia Condominium / Next to Hoare Hospital and San Juan Central Park)
    787-725-1690 / 787-725-3332
  6. Certificate of negative of assessment provided by the ACAA office.

    249 Arterial Hostos
    San Juan, Puerto Rico
    (Corner of Chardon Ave. / In front of Federal Court)
  • Once ALL of these documents have been obtained, bring everything to our office so we can prepare the paperwork for you to take to the Customs office. Note that US Customs inspections are performed Tuesdays and Thursdays between 1pm – 4pm ONLY.  A notarized letter will be again be required if the actual owner of vehicle is not present for inspection. 

    US Customs
    Zona Libre de Comercio (Free Trade Zone)
    Building # 2
    Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
  • Once the vehicle is given US Customs authorization, it must be delivered to our facility at Pier 10 for loading on the designated voyage.  The authorization is linked to a specific vessel sailing date and is not transferable.  If your plans change for some reason, please call us to prepare new paperwork for you.